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Posted By: VirginiaTam
12-Jun-13 - 04:05 PM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
special up for Kendall who knocked his head, took a tumble and bruised his dignity as well as his hip.

optometrist referred me to opthamalogist due to slightly high mercer reading. My dad had glaucoma, I've been on an eye altering med so she just wants to be sure nothing is missed.

BUT - my prescription has not changed. YIPPEE!

Visit with GP:
BP is high but probably due to prednisolone. Given all drugs I am on, wants me tu come in once a week for BP check and see if it settels as steroid is withdrawn and anti-TNF commences.
Possible angina pain to be looked at with cardio risk assessment as BP is monitored.
What I thought might be diabetes (tremours, weakness, dizziness in the morning surrounding making and eating breakfast) he thinks is low blood sugar and not diabetes. Simply because it only happens in morning. Also probably due to steroid.

But I am getting fasting insulin and chloesterol bloods done 3 July.

So I will contact RA nurse, ask about chest xray and TB blood test and tell her I am ready to start Golmumab. I need to get inflammation down because it is making be feel really bad.

High and constant pain I can pretty much handle.
General unwellness, nausea, brain fog, and malaise on top of pain, I cannot.