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Posted By: catspaw49
10-Jun-13 - 03:06 PM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Bits of news! First, I was too sheepish to mention this but last Tuesday I was feeling pretty decent and Karen had done a lot of work in her side beds so I went out to look. Long story, short----I was so proud of myself for getting down a small slope so well that I was short on my step up to a sidewalk. Beautiful three point landing if you're a complete jackass. Scraped skin off both legs, hit hard on one knee and one ankle. The knee had a golf ball sized knot. The ankle was missing serious skin, about 1x4. Simultaneously hit with my left chest and left upper cheekbone. I was carrying a pan and by the time I dropped it my hands never got involved. I have some bruised ribs(as if I don't already have enough trouble breathing) and had a walnut sized lump on the cheekbone which has now dissipated down to the chin. Lump gone but I look like I lost at the Saturday night fights.

It was rough week as I sleep exclusively on my left side but it is improving greatly and I beginning to feel better. Saturday was my birthday and she may not need me she sure did feed me now that I'm 64! I didn't do squat and Karen did all the house stuff and supper----Ribeyes on the grill, lemon pepper scallops grilled as well, and some shrimp fresh from the gulf in a Thai marinade and glaze also grilled. Baked potato and she made a scratch peach pie......Spectacular meal. Yesterday we went for another birthday cookout for David (Connie and Wayne's son) son and I as we share the birthday.   I wore out pretty quick but it was good day. I'm feeling better everyday and almost back to where I was before tripping with my size 13's leading the way............

Today we went to Zangmeister Oncology/Hematology Center for my weekly blood test and Aronesp shot. Hemoglobin has risen to 10.5, the highest yet, and red blood cell count is as high as it has been as well. PLUS the platelets are almost there at the lowest end of the range which is real progress. Much as I hate the Vidaza (another round next week) I think it and the Aronesp are working.

Thanks to all of you for everything......and especially for making this this feel like the 'Cat used to be. Thanks for the UPS and thoughts and prayers.

AND TAM----I love ya'.....I wish I had some advice of any type but you have my best thoughts.....but you already knew that. The rest of you go back to doing that voodoo that you do sooooooo well (thank you "Blazing Saddles") and let's keep her trimmed for a long voyage together. BTW, the info paragraphs I'm also posting at FB .... These last two are for us.