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Posted By: catspaw49
03-Jun-13 - 05:43 PM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Hi Crew! Sorry if I haven't been around although I have been reading. I am so impressed with the way we all continue to sail on and that others have come in including a good friend, Frug. He was duly warned and pleaded with when he wrapped himself tightly around his dearest Sassy as a caregiver but obviously didn't get the message. I am happy too that it finally hit him to take care of himself before it was too late. Frank my friend.....I expect better of you in the future and suggest you stay aboard the Rainbow with us as your advice and counsel can be a great assist!

I was enjoying the way things have been developing here and happy to see how it has become even more with the age. Nigel and Janie have warmed me with some really beautiful thoughts and I can see the vessel and crew just getting better.

I'm just falling into a pattern right now where I have 2 weeks of feeling at half-assed followed by a week of chemo which is okay except the damn shots are rough. 15 shots in the stomach , 3 a day, is not pleasant. Then I go way downhill with excessive pain from the shots, nausea from the drug and the pain combined.....after about 9 or 10 days we're back to fair, another few days to pretty good (Almost there now), and then I get my 2 weeks of A#1 okay.

It pretty much sucks but it is the deal and I'm happy we're making progress. Of course that too is the frustration in a way. This is a "quality of life" treatment because the MDS/Leuk has no cure. I'm not bitchin' here(well damn Spaw, it sure seems like it!)but it would be more tolerable if I had any expectation of a good outcome!   It is sorta' like going to the Doc with a broken leg. The Doc gives you a hammer and tells you to smash your hand once a month.   You say, "Will this fix my leg?" Doc says, "No, but it will take your mind off of it until we amputate it"

Enough with the bitching! My numbers keep going up although the weekly number may drop after chemo, it gets better as the weeks go by and I go into each new chemo treatment with better numbers than the last.....DEFINITE progress. Hemoglobin still low but very close and platelet count has only a short way to go to be in range, low but in range!

More later if you can stand it.....LOL