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Posted By: Luke
05-Dec-00 - 02:43 PM
Thread Name: Train Songs
Subject: Lyr Add: ROLLO

Where Rush Creek meets the railroad down below the county line,
Highway nine,
There rests that home of mine.
My neighbor there is Rollo Best. For him I made this rhyme.
In his time,
He sold ice cream for a dime.
And Rollo knows who comes and goes, who rests and who reclines,
About makin' hay while the sun so brightly shines.

(Chorus:) Oh Rollo, Rollo, where did you go?
Went on down to Florida where the birds fly from the snow.
Oh Rollo, Rollo, where did you go?
Come on home, Rollo. You've got a yard to mow.

The railroad trains come into town, their horns a-blastin' blow,
Sad and low,
They come and then they go.
Foundations crumble 'neath the ground, down where it doesn't show,
Down below,
They come and then they go.
And Rollo's seen 'em come and go for a hundred years or more,
Feels every train come shakin' up through the floor. (Chorus)

Time passes like a rolling train in the middle of the night,
Out of sight,
Yet full of force and might.
The whistle calls to one and all asleep so snug and tight,
Shines its light
To the left and to the right.
Though Rollo's gone, the trains roll on.
Somehow, it don't seem right.
The rails bring on their diesel dynamite
And time brings on the snowbirds' fight.

This is about as trainy as I get.


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