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Posted By: katlaughing
14-May-13 - 05:31 PM
Thread Name: kat needs a little mojo, please /update-mixed-news
Subject: RE: kat needs a little mojo, please /update-mixed-news
This is a hard one, darlin'gnu. Since I don't remember what I've already said, I'll have do some research, and it's just hard. I promise I will.

For now, they think I am having a major fibro flare-up which hurts like hell unless I keep taking the pain-killer. I also have to keep my feet and legs up about 2-3 hours in the AM and PM to keep reducing the aedema. They have no idea why that was so bad, but Rog and I think it has to do with new meds. (You folks don't really want to hear all of this, do you? It's so negative!) The rest of the day may phone calls, try to clean a bit, play with Morgan when he is over, and help Rog with all the chores and ride along to do errands. I bought two boxes of thank you cards which some of you will receive,IF, i ever get to them.

I've had a few more falls, the last hit everything in both sides so I look like a beat up hockey player or summat.:-)As far as the surgeon goes, he hopes to never see me, again, as that would indicate his success rate continues, I have to say agree. Actually THAT hand is doing better than any other part of me.

I am learning i have to be patient. Slowly weaning off the pain-killer, but have to replace it. it's the standard for fibro but my doc and I will find something else. I am getting good sleep. Yea!!!

Good thin my Rog is patient.With the extreme stress piled on at work and me, he has almost called it quits, as have I. Morgan's visits, my watching my sharp tongue and being more patient, plus Rog been trying, too, have helped and it seems as though we've turned a page.

As for the rest of my day: up at 6am, start hand/sink bath about 730pm and head to bed about 9p. It being school with lots of kids and barking dogs, I don't have time for much other rest.

I am hoping to type well enough, soon, to memorialize a treatise with song my grandmother, maternal, wrote when she was a member of the CTU. My she was fiery! That's it for now. i hope i have progressred with more fun to share, such as ythe time Rog opened the bathroom door to find me on my knees in front of the "twah-let". Were we inter-acting? in what way???!!! Just wait..I can see the humour now.

thanks for asking and listening,