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Posted By: GUEST
12-May-13 - 11:36 AM
Thread Name: Clapping along at trad sessions
Subject: RE: Clapping along at trad sessions
I honestly think it has more to do with a lack of community. Where the music originated there is a whole social order associated with the experience. A code of conduct. Rules.

In America you're lucky if your audience member has even been to an Open Mic at a coffee shop. And the odds are they held their own conversation the whole time, spoke on their phone, etc.

Clapping during a song? They don't understand that they are playing the original percussion instrument. They are sitting in without being invited, or even asking. But they have no framework to understand that basic truth.

So it comes down to the old saw of "Ignorance of the law is no excuse" .   But it is understandable. I've seen the results of different cultures facing a western bathroom facility for the first time. In one case there were little dirty footprints on the toilet seat. Would you judge that person? Or would you explain "how we do it here"? Same thing in my mind.