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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
10-May-13 - 12:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: P.E. stops you being gay?
Subject: RE: BS: P.E. stops you being gay?
Don, you post is so fucked up and loaded with putting words in people's mouths, I'd have to go line by line though it to point out your deluded deceptions.
The first part above the lines is not relevant. Nobody has said those things..except you, in saying they said it.

Below the line: Don: "Guest from Sanity, the fact that if "gay" is in the title of a thread, you go for it like a moth to a flame says a great deal more about you than it does about the subject. I don't know what your problem is, but it's obvious that you are obsessed with the subject and you will do all manner of backflips and twists to avoid any idea that same-sex orientation is inborn, whether genetic or congenital, and insist that it is a free choice. Apparently, according to you, someone wakes up in the morning and says, "Gee! I think I'll be gay!"

To bad you took it that just shows how dumb you are.

Don: "And your hysterical response to anyone who insists that the scientific findings indicate that it either is genetic or at least has a genetic component, indicates your fear."

Actually this all started when, (if you remember), YOU were the one who was insisting that it was a 'Civil Rights' issue, the same as the civil rights movement based on the race issue of the 60's.....and I pointed out to you, that LEGALLY it couldn't be argued on the same basis, because the one during the 60's had to do with RACE, CREED or COLOR, as the law went ape-shit trying to say it was 'genetic'...when in fact it is not genetic...and ever since you've been try to be stuffing words in my mouth, and arguing points that YOU bring up, in 'rebuttal' to things I never said..and then get into your bag of 'political trick tactics', to discredit, distract, and just be a dickhead. You care more about a political agenda..if it's right or wrong, you don't give a shit, based on facts, you don't give a shit, nor do you give a shit about the truth. If you remember, I posted "Go for the truth, and let the chips fall where they fall...but base you arguments on the truth, not a cooked up agenda, that got cooked up because of corruption. Now, is that too fucking hard?????

Don: "Then you say:
"I think ......"

There you go again....working without tools!

..oh, and I'm NOT a closet homosexual. (Stupid accusation)..besides, if I was wouldn't I be applauding you for making it 'cool' to come out of the closet???..but as it is, calling me a homosexual, as an insult to discredit, actually shows what YOU really think of them!!!! but maybe you haven't faced that reality, too...but then, if you blew off your two bed buddies, you might not have ANY I guess can see why you're so desperate!

Don: "And as far as your other claims are concerned, if you are indeed a family counselor, you have established that you haven't the vaguest knowledge of the principles of psychology and are, therefore, a charlatan."

Another stupid attempt at discrediting....You DON'T know me, and you really are making an ass of shut the fuck up, about things you know NOTHING about. Stick to lying...THAT you know about!

Don: "GfS, you are seriously in need of help."

Should I take your from a learned, credentialed counselor??....or are you just having diarrhea of the fingers?

Don: "You attack me with childish insults and you go so far as to attack my family when you don't know anything about my family, and then on the basis of the fictions you concoct, you attack my moral character."

What moral character?