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09-May-13 - 01:46 PM
Thread Name: BS: P.E. stops you being gay?
Subject: RE: BS: P.E. stops you being gay?
Eliza: "Perhaps the homophobics here are travelling down the road of 'identifying' gay foetuses in the womb and aborting (ie murdering) them to prevent the birth of (gasp!) yet another gay abomination. I DO hope NOT!"

Gawd, I hope not!...but you never know...if it becomes politically correct, who knows what they'll come up with!

As to the twins, not all twins are identical down to the last follicle. What I am say, (well not just me), is that the pregnancy has a lot to do with setting up certain systems of the fetus. Keeping in mind, that the moods and emotions, experienced by the mother, is directly connected to the developing fetus.
Now in the case of 'receptors', they have a MAJOR influence of perception...if the mother(or anyone), is perceiving an issue, that causes a mood swing, it does not mean that she is perceiving it accurately, BUT to her, her mood is accurate and real, and true. Regardless, the hormones released, are released as if the perception is real. These hormones have a direct effect on the fetus, in several areas, and can, and does shape elements of the predisposition of the child.
I don't think this is too hard to understand. For instance, expectant mothers are advised not to drink alcohol, or smoke during pregnancy, or take drugs etc etc. It is also wise for the father, to 'cover' the expectant mother. What I mean by 'cover' is being actively involved in loving both of them, and making sure that the mother is not overly stressed out, or burdened during this time. Some of the numbskulls may disagree with this, but a woman's body and psyche, are geared and hardwired, for bearing children. That SHOULD be honored and respected, nurtured and appreciated. Instead, we have sunk to the level of 'judging' a woman's worth, by merely her looks, or how she dresses or has 'sex appeal', rather than how she performs as a loving mother....which in reality, is the crown that she wears!!

More on 'receptors', shortly but I would like to address a certain moron, who worked his delusions up from political agendas, then turns them into his realities, then bad mouths everyone who doesn't subscribe to his delusions.....

Don Firth: "Goofball, that was a cartoon character expressing everybody's opinion of your competence as a family counselor, which you have claimed to be."

Yes, I'm fully aware that you are into cartoon characters. They inspire you!

Don: "Or are you a screen writer as you have also claimed to be?"

Yes, I have written both the screen version and playwright version....

Don: "Or write film scores as you have also claimed to do?"

.....and composed the music score as well!

Don: "And on the seventh day, do you rest?"

Some people esteem one day more than another....frankly, it's all one big day!

Now go waste some more of your time thinking of snot, and snotty things!