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08-May-13 - 02:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: P.E. stops you being gay?
Subject: RE: BS: P.E. stops you being gay?
Sorry, hit the wrong button.

Because 'receptors' have a function of setting up the neurological system in the fetus. Being as the fetus, is attached directly to the mother's biological system for nourishment, and the formation of all the various functions, that a child is born with....circulatory, digestion, neurological, reproductive etc etc....OK? when the mother is stressed, or bitter, or resentful...or even happy and calm, those emotions she is going through, and the neurological signals, are being directly sent to the fetus. The receptors, being formed, in essence, are being programmed, in the womb, to be predisposed, as to the signals they are going to respond to, once born. for instance, if something strikes you as 'funny', you laugh. Something strikes you as 'sad', you may have a 'less than happy' response....If a child is born, with a predisposition to 'resent', or resent the 'father figure', then he will be readily 'triggered', to have those 'receptors' respond and be activated, as they were in the womb..much like a child can be born with a chemical addiction, 'receptors' are predisposed to respond, but not to a physical/chemical addiction, but to an emotional 'addiction'(if you will). Upon satisfying their need, to transmit neurological signals, they then are 'gratified' by the brain releasing dopamine. This is pretty well explained in the video.

I will pick this up a little later, but A have an appointment to get ready for. Just think about what I laid out for you. It is a non biased anatomical FACT. How it ties in, I'll get into when I get back.
Ignore, at this point, any half-witted blusterer trying to dispute this as a political point of is strictly medical, and accurate.

I'll be back.....