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Posted By: GUEST
08-May-13 - 09:52 AM
Thread Name: Clapping along at trad sessions
Subject: RE: American Clapping along.
My apologies for the heading I gave to the thread but I can't change it. That's one of the downsides of the internet - you often regret something as soon as you hit 'send'. I perhaps should have worded it: "Clapping along at trad sessions. I didn't mean to sound anti-American - I haven't done a statistical analysis but it does appear to me pretty much an American thing.

Regarding musicians encouraging "clapping along" - I think that's more or less confined to ballad groups playing for the tourist market.

I wouldn't dream about telling people at a session to shut up. There are no rules.

The worst offence at sessions imho is people who push themselves up to the edge of the session and then proceed to converse in loud tones - mostly Irish, not tourists. I myself have probably been guilty of that behaviour in the days when I'd imbibe a little too much. :(

Anyway clap away if that's what turns ye on. 'Tis a free world.