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Posted By: Don Firth
01-May-13 - 03:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: P.E. stops you being gay?
Subject: RE: BS: P.E. stops you being gay?
Goofball, I AM being real. And no one has lied more about me and my relationship with my family than YOU have. My relationship with my family and my son is perfectly fine. Nothing tawdry as you are trying to claim and nothing for me or anyone else to be ashamed of.

But YOU go right on LYING about it. And what motivates you even to comment? Only your desire to attack my credibility. Because I have the unfortunate habit of telling the truth and backing it up with reliable source material such as "Scientific American" and "Psychology Today."

So you attack the messenger.

And it's notable that if I DO mention anything about my wife or my son or our many our friends, you trip over your own clumsy feet in an effort to twist what I say into something petty and tawdry. Because that's the way your mind works!

Just how low can you sink, Goofy?

YOU'RE the one who can't handle the truth!

Don Firth