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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
30-Apr-13 - 03:44 AM
Thread Name: BS: P.E. stops you being gay?
Subject: RE: BS: P.E. stops you being gay?
From the Stanford study that you posted:

"Fetal development studies suggest how such a gene might influence such a complex behavior. The development of a fetus into a male is accomplished by the development of the testes, which produce testosterone, which has a wide range of physiological effects. During the perinatal period, a week before and after birth, testosterone has an irreversible organizing effect on the body and brain of males. If the hormone is absent during this period, the individual's anatomy and behavior never can become wholly male. A testosterone surge during puberty activates male sexual development and behavior."

When they get done playing around, they have also found that this 'abnormal development' in "...testosterone has an irreversible organizing effect on the body and brain of males." is caused by the mother's disposition during pregnancy....RECEPTORS!

Stanford study: "Identical twin studies shed additional light on the genetic underpinnings of sexual preference. If there are differences in preference between identical twins, who share the same genes, then that difference cannot be genetic. Here, the research indicates that in cases where one identical male twin is gay, about half the time the other twin is gay as well. "This is way above 4 percent, so it's got to be genetic, but it is nowhere near 100 percent,"

This is Goldstein's OPINION...overlooking that the RECEPTORS, which are from the same mother, are 'nourishing' or setting up the responses and 'needs', which homosexual BEHAVIOR patterns are formed.

Continuing from the Stanford predetermined 'study':
"The results of this survey are supported by studies of "gender non-conforming children." In little girls, this behavior, acting as tomboys, bears no social stigma. In little boys, cross-dressing, playing with dolls and behaving like girls is socially damaging. A larger than average number of such "sissy boys" become gay adults, she said."

So she sums up the study with this little 'gem'...."...In little boys, cross-dressing, playing with dolls and behaving like girls is socially damaging."

So cross dressing is 'genetic'??????...and playing with dolls????
Sounds more CULTURAL to me......which is a response, to appeasing RECEPTORS!

NIH' 'Study':
Read this carefully, (I'll put in capitals the misleading wordage)

"WASHINGTON (UPI) -- Many homosexual men APPEAR to INHERIT a gene FROM THE MOTHERS that influences sexual orientation, a National Cancer Institute researcher reported Thursday."

Why only from the mothers?????.....I know why, and you run from it. The fathers aren't carrying the fetus, which 'SUGGESTS' even LOUDER that the formation of RECEPTORS in the nervous system, has a GREAT deal with the mother/fetal link, than anything 'genetic' from the father.

"The finding -- certain to add fuel to the already heated debate over gay rights -- supports earlier studies which SUGGESTED that inherited genetic factors AT LEAST PLAY A ROLE in determining sexual orientation."

``Being gay is not simply a choice or purely a decision. PEOPLE HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE GENES THEY INHERIT"

While that is true, it is a blanket statement, as if to tie it into the homosexual 'debate'.....because the trait is not genetically based! EITHER THIS STUDY, WITH IT'S DOUBLE TALK WAS FUNDED BY A HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA, OR WHAT THEY WANTED TO SAY WAS PREDETERMINED. You can see it clearly in the wording, and carefully placed 'disclaimers'....LIKE THIS ONE:(but read it carefully, you will see 'RECEPTORS' all over the place!)

"The X chromosome is one of two sex-determining chromosomes; it is ALWAYS INHERITED FROM THE MOTHERS. Genes are arranged along 46 chromosomes, each consisting of tiny coils of DNA, deoxyribonucleic acid, WHICH CARRIES THE INSTRUCTIONS TO MANUFACTURE a particular body substance.

There was no such similar sharing in the same region among heterosexual men. The researchers have not yet compared the homosexuals' genetic information to the other group."

WHAT????????????!!!! They come to that conclusion without comparing them to the other group?????????
I've had issues with the NIH before, for being agenda driven phonies, but even you, who are WANTING to hear these results can't buy into that crap! least I wouldn't think you were THAT stupid!!!
(but you never know.....)

That 'study'(?) from the NIH, is just so ambiguous, and set up in it's wording just to play into giving people what they want to hear, rather than any serious study!!!

'Scientific American'... OK..I just saw the said enough...AND, I'm aware of that, already. We used to call it, by asking, 'Are you worried?'

Oh, and if that was included as an innuendo, you can shove it!
As I've said quite a few times before..."I know what they are, and i know what they're not"......which if you could possibly understand what an OBJECTIVE person would say!

...or do you know what objectivity is?/'ve rarely shown it!


P.S. Its behavioral, set up by the mothers, connection during an emotionally stressed pregnancy. BET ON IT!
......and more often than not, because of resentments toward the father!