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Posted By: JohnInKansas
29-Apr-13 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: P.E. stops you being gay?
Subject: RE: BS: P.E. stops you being gay?
In actuality, the separation of the sexes in typical "PE" appears to be a strong effect in the creation of the "male bonding" that's advocated in several team sports, and that some have suggested is an effective way of suppressing the overt recognition of male homosexual tendencies by disguising them as "something else" more acceptable. The implication is that PE (team sports) to some extent "keeps them in the closet," since it provides an "inoffensive outlet" for their inclinations (if they're not too strong) but there's no real evidence that it changes any one's attitudes by much.

My experience has been that this occurs less frequently in sports where the emphasis is on individual performance like track or wrestling, but is generally something that appears to be fairly common in football and almost as prevalent in basketball/soccer/hockey where there's lots of "physical contact" and much dependence on "cooperation with guys just like me."

There were several "suspects" on my old High School football team, a couple of whom actually did "come out" later. I can't think of any from the track/cross country bunch who are similar examples, and only one from the swim team (but we all knew about him long before he did, so maybe he doesn't count).