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Posted By: Jim Carroll
11-Apr-13 - 06:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: Atheists
Subject: RE: BS: Atheists
Sailor Boy
"You saying something is so, does not make it so."
The same goes for your pronouncements that's why we hasve these little tete-a-tetes
"until you get the answer you want. "
I'd settle for an answer haven't had any yet, please don't claim I have unless you are prepared to show that you have.
"You are accusing me of lying in that last post."
You accused Stringsinger of lying are you reserving a right for yourself that you would deprive the rest of us of? Not so long ago a bunch of us were called "******* liars and bigots" by one of you guys for expressing views on religion he didn't agree with so what; it's all part of robust debate.
Who the hell do you people think you are you'll be telling us you can walk on water next.
"I don't want to continue this discussion with you"
Didn't think for a moment you would, I shall continue to respond to what you have to say - your silence is answer enough no change there.
"I hope you work out your obvious issues with the Irish Catholic Church."
Further distortions (lies) I have made it quite clear that my "issues" are with all organised religion and the effects it is having on our lives "Catholic" doesn't come into it just the one I have had most experience in.
Jim Carroll