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Posted By: Jack the Sailor
10-Apr-13 - 04:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: Atheists
Subject: RE: BS: Atheists
OK Jim,

You've posted a new accusation so I will try to respond to that. I did not start new threads to avoid anything but the rancor.

I started them, I had found new articles, new to me at least, with interesting ideas, interesting to me at least. I thought and still think each thread I started was a separate and interesting topic. The first was Dr. de Waal's talk about Dogmatism of both Christians and "the new atheists", the second was about Islamophobia and the new atheists. The third was about how Ronald Reagan and Chris Hitchens were treated after they died and I thought it had some bearing on the discussion about Thatcher. The fact that Hitchens was the controversial figure used as an example had much more to do with the timing of his death.

None of the atheists wanted to talk about the Dogma. They wanted to talk about how "scientific" Dawkins was. Oh yeah and how much smarter Steve Shaw is than Beethoven was. No one wanted to talk about the Islamophobia. They wanted to talk about how evil I was for posting the article, as if I had written it all myself. And when I posted the article saying that we should not canonize controversial figures and said myself that we should not whitewash the past once they die, Stringsinger accused me of doing that by posting that very article.

This thread was not started by me, nor were three others what all the threads once they reach a certain number of posts, have in common is the Mudcat atheists using on of two tactics on each and every one, talk about the evils of religion treating all religious people the same, or completely change the subject.

So no I did not start threads to avoid answering questions. I did get tired of trying to answer the same question as people would just read the tread title, decide what it meant and pull criticisms out of their butts, not you Jim, Other people, Stringsinger did it several times and was caught red handed in a lie about having read the thread. I have answered all of your other questions on these few threads. I don't feel the need to defend the deeds of every person who ever did a cruel of misguided thing under the cloak of religion. I concede there have been many. If you will concede that there are some good people, like Ebbie's daughter, and Joe then we can walk away from this unfortunate thread with something of a consensus.