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Posted By: Steve Shaw
07-Apr-13 - 11:34 AM
Thread Name: BS: Benefits/Welfare.
Subject: RE: BS: Benefits/Welfare.
Figures show that 31% of the population is claiming either Disability Living Allowance, incapacity benefit or Motorbilty. All of these people are now being reassessed and by 2014, the number of false claimants will be weeded out.

Hmmm. Well I'm one of those false claimants who've been weeded out (don't worry, my appeal is in). I virtually had to come downstairs on my backside to get to my computer to respond to this. My leg pains are so severe that I'm desperately trying to get myself fast-tracked for the back surgery I'm already on the waiting list for. Perhaps you'd better dig a little deeper into reality before you post such rubbish. While you're at it, tell us what you think of call-me-Dave's inability to fix the annual 120 billion tax avoidance by wealthy people and major corporations who use accountants to put their affairs offshore, etc., or of the millionaires' tax cut that has come in this week.

Incidentally, you do not "claim" Motability (note spelling). You opt to commute your higher rate mobility component of disability living allowance into a car lease. That is a benefit obtained only by severely disabled people. Motability is not, as often portrayed by its critics, a scheme to give disabled people "free cars".