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Posted By: Jim Dixon
05-Apr-13 - 09:06 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Songs by Ukulele Ike (Cliff Edwards)
Subject: Lyr Add: MR. INSURANCE MAN (Cliff Edwards)
As sung by Cliff Edwards, a.k.a. Ukelele Ike, on "Copulatin' Blues, Vol. 2"

Liza was a widow; she lived in Tennessee.
She was a red-hot prospect for an insurance company,
So they sent out an agent with several of their plans,
And Liza saw him comin'; she just laughed and clapped her hands.

She said: "Mr. Insurance Man, take out that thing for me.
Oh, Mr. Insurance Man, do the best you can; I crave some indemnity.
If you're the man I thinks you is, I won't have any fear.
You'll give me plenty o' dividends, and it won't take twenty years.

"Oh Mr. Insurance Man, I know it looks safe and sound,
And I'll have the premium ready, every time you come around.
The other man what used to come, you see, all he had was attraction,
But I was a woman that just craves a little action.
Oh, Mr. Insurance Man, let me take out that thing.
Let me look at your policy.
Mr. Insurance Man, please take out that thing.

"Oh Mr. Insurance Man, please take out that thing for me.
Come on, let's get down to bus'ness; I'm ready, can't you see?
I know I been without it for so long, you think I'm done clapped,
But I'm the kind of a gal can keep it up, and never let it lapse.
Oh Mr. Insurance Man ,take out that thing for me.
Let me see the numbers on that policy, just how much I'm gon' get.
Oh Mr. Insurance Man take out that thing for me."