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Posted By: Amos
20-Mar-13 - 12:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: Psychobabble!
Subject: RE: BS: Psychobabble!
The problem with inventing categories and labeling phenomena of the mind is that if the categorization is done thoughtlessly, it will end up being wrong for many to whom it is applied, and if it is enforced it can drive a being into depression just wrestling with the wrong label. ADHD, anal-retentive, and even depression itself can serve as examples of labels that are facile to hand out, but can be a real hassle to live with where they are misused. ANd many labels--Freudian ones in particular--carry a whole model of being with them that is far off the mark in terms of allowing the individual to deal better with his own experience. Looking for your "id" in order to better yourself can be awfully frustrating. This kind of jabberwocky in the mental health business can promote insanity more than it remedies it.