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Posted By: gnu
16-Mar-13 - 06:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
Subject: RE: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
MtheGM... " you feel honour-bound and motivated to contradict them."
Talk about a poor choice of words given what Joe is upset about. I don't think it's true, either.
I find this response of yours to mine addressed to Joe somewhat gnomic. In fact I can make nor heads nor tails of what you are on about. Would you care to elucidate, please?"

No prob responding to a guy like you... others, not so much. So...

"Honur bound and motivated" are assumptions of yours perhaps based on your interpretations of Joe's posts (Need I say IMO for the uneducated?). I certainly do not agree. I see Joe's posts as responses that are measured and well written in such a manner as to explain a singular certain very basic logic. Let me explin that logic in a way that most readers will understand (forgive me if I paraphrase and, Joe, if I got this wrong, smite me)....

Not all Cat'lics fuck little boys and damn near all Cat'lics would kick tha livin shit outtta any piece a trash that did. Got that!????

I could go on about how things are getting cleaned up on THAT ONE ISSUE or discuss others issues but I hope you get the gist.

Now... "contradict them"? WTF did he contradict? Fuck all except the fallacies... and the bigotry... and the lies. He never contradicted any valid statements or arguements that I read in this thread.

I guess, in the end, MtheGM, it may be solely interpretation. Such may lead to what happened when Joe couldn't take the bullshit anymore... but he didn't say what I have said often here and it happened to him herein... "Don't put words in my mouth." I go from gnu to Wildebeeste in a nanofuckingsecond when someone does that to me.

In closing, allow me to say to all of you who persecute the Cat'lic RELIGION... when those slimey bastards arrive at my door early on Saturday morning and want to SELL me their religion, I think to myself, being RC, "Who the fuck PAYS for religion?" So, that's when I say to them that I am Black Irish Catholic. If they say one more word, I say, "And it's a good thing we Cat'lics are TOLERANT of other religions. Otherwise, seeing as how there are SO many of us, you wouldn't FUCKING EXIST."

Think about all of that before any of you shit on Joe again for being simply logical and defending his FAITH... his RELIGION... and NOT those who have tresspassed against others. If ANY of you can't understand that you will never go to hell... ya ain't got the fuckin brains for it.