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Posted By: Ed T
13-Mar-13 - 07:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
Subject: RE: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
""But to make an issue out of Ratzinger's refusal to laicize Murphy, is not understanding the process. It's like saying a plumber is no longer a plumber, because he has committed a crime.""

That does not make any sense.

Most governing bodies having certification powers over professions, for example doctors, lawyers and even plumbers can remove it. So, a certified plumber can cease being a certified plumber. Let's not confuse this with removing the educational qualifications for a profession (for example, taking a PHD away from a doctor), that does not make sense.

The RC church has the sole power to name a RC priest a priest, and authorizing these people to practice under this title. So, logically the RC church has it has within it's power to withdraw the professional status (within the bounds of this planet), or, if it does not oficially have it now, it has the power (on Earth) to change it's own rules to make it so - if it had the will to do so. (However, I suspect the pope has such power now, if one wished to exercise it). They can leave it to the Lord (and, whomever) to deal with the situation beyond this planet, and beyond this life.

Where would society be if police officers remained police officers after consistantly breaking the law? Generally, they are removed from the profession, and cease to be police officers. Often where this has not happened in western society (for example, in LA), poeple have rioted in the streets to have it rectified.