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Posted By: Jim Carroll
13-Mar-13 - 04:35 AM
Thread Name: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
Subject: RE: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
"Lawrence Murphy"
That was the most appalling piece of dodging responsibility I have ever read and it sums up all the double-think that has gone on throughout this affair.
Murphy was allowed to continue his crimes long after he was found out; it really doesn't matter that he eventually stopped preaching, He was allowed to remain a priest to the end of his life.
He died a priest, he was buried as a priest in a priests plot, - and, by your own rule book 'went to heaven as a priest'. So far as your church is concerned his crimes were acceptable enough for him to remain a priest - all the rest of your justification of the church's behaviour is no more than double-talk.
He expressed not an ounce of contrition right up to his death.
One of the most disgustingly distressing scenes in 'Mea Maxima Culpa' was the visit to Murphy's house by some of his victims, filmed by them.
With some difficulty, after being berated by his housekeeper they eventually managed to persuade him to the door - he drove them off telling them to leave him alone, he was an old man - no contrition, no apology.... nothing.
I wonder whether your stance would remain the same if it was you or yours on the receiving end of such despicable treatment; somehow I doubt it.
It is watching scenes like this and the Brendan Smyth documentary, 'Betrayal of Trust' (freely available for viewing on U-tube along with much more) that I deeply regret that I don't believe in Hell or eternal damnation these animals (sorry for the insult animals!) died unpunished and their accomplices still refuse to acknowledge their part in serious criminal activities .
What comes over in all of these is the cold indifference of the church authorities and the smug attitude that "God, history and the State is on our side".
Your benign defence of the Church by simply ignoring and refusing even to discuss this matter in all its aspects and by your persistence in reducing it to "a few bad apples" will guarantee that it will run longer than 'Les Mis' or 'The Mousetrap'.
Last year in Ireland a an abuse victim who entered a church to protest the visit of a bishop who was involved in child abuse, was booed and driven out - abuse deniers still lurk in this country.   
Contrary to your claims, it is far from having been dealt with with in Ireland and it never will be until every implication of the fact that the most powerful church in the world colluded in the long term and widespread rape of helpless and vulnerable children, has been recognised and dealt with in its entirity - I suspect that this is also the case in the US and in the other numerous countries where similar behaviour too place.
So far we know only of the events that occurred over the last few decades, and we have not the slightest idea whether it will ever happen again.
Yours getting sadder and sadder with each posting
Jim Carroll

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