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Posted By: Joe Offer
11-Mar-13 - 07:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
Subject: RE: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
So, Steve Shaw, you got 13 years of Catholic education. That would take you to the age of 19 or 20, right?
And you're 61 now, right?

Can you seriously say that your Catholic education that ended 40 years ago, must suffice for the present time? What's wrong with getting an update, so you understand things in an adult context?

Now, if you were taught 40 years ago that masturbation, in and of itself, was a mortal sin, that was incorrect and a gross oversimplification. Some teachers taught that way, and it was wrong. The Baltimore Catechism (and other national catechisms of the 1950s and earlier) taught that for a sin to be serious, it had to be a serious matter, known to be serious, and done with the intent of doing serious wrong. Almost all the statements you made of what you learned in the 1960s, were incorrect theology in the 1950s. Maybe you were taught wrong, or maybe you understood wrong.

Bonnie, for your reference, here's a link to Humanae Vitae, the document that prohibited birth control - (click). Again, while it's on the books, it's really not talked about all that much. And neither is homosexuality. Therefore, it seems to me that it is not what I would call a central teaching, the core part of the Catholic faith. Abortion is another matter, since it is seen as taking a life, but neither birth control nor homosexuality have that level of importance in Catholic teaching.

Nonetheless, I'd like to see the restriction against birth control taken off the books. I just don't believe it has as much impact as you claim it has. I think that large families are a cultural thing, far more than being a matter of church law.

John P, the Catholic bishops are expressing their right as U.S. citizens to object to legislation that affects them. The law hasn't taken effect yet, and the bishops are still fighting it - as is their right. Many bishops seem inclined to accept the latest compromise offered by the Obama Administration.

Jim Carroll quotes me:
What's upsetting, Jim? That I acknowledge that child molestation was and is a serious problem, but also state the reality that most of the offense happened long ago and have been dealt with in a different way in recent years? That I ask for proportionality, acknowledging that the vast majority of Catholics did not commit or condone child molestation?
I abhor murder, and yet it happens in my society all the time. I support laws and procedures meant to prevent murder - but I do not support capital punishment. Some people have told me sincerely that since I do not support capital punishment, I am a horrible person and I am advocating crime. Is that true?

-Joe Offer-