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Posted By: Wolfhound person
11-Mar-13 - 06:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
Subject: RE: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
The only good Humanae Vitae did was to put explanations of contraception in the papers where it could be read by young people, particularly girls, to whom the information was not otherwise readily available at the time. I know, I was there.

H V was publicised and talked of as a ban, though, as far as the laity were concerned (in England) and no bloke understands (or ever could) the psychological damage done to a relationship by the perpetual fear of pregnancy in trying to adhere to it. Even when the calculations were possible it worked out as "if you want to, you can't" - to put it crudely.

Bonnie is right: the ban is still there and is presented as such.

Abortion was not a solution / available: it was presented, in any case, as an unforgivable sin which needed clearance from a bishop to get absolution from.
Abstinence was the only option, and that, for the majority of normal healthy human beings (I generalise!!) is no way to conduct a married relationship. The results could be disastrous, and echo down the years over several generations, I suspect.


PS The New Testament should start: "there was this ordinary bloke, who had some really good ideas - see what you think".

Personally I blame Constantine. Once it became a state religion, the party was over.