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Posted By: Ed T
10-Mar-13 - 09:23 AM
Thread Name: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
Subject: RE: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
I believe we understand that perspective. But, while some of the faithful take offense when their church is criticised, I suspect they are not the target of the commentor "at issue".

At issue, I suspect is what is the RC church, the faithful,, who control their affairs, the local organization, the priests who link with the faithful, the bishops, who link between the priests and Rome, the Rome organization, or the pope.

Some practicing RC members put forward the notion that the RC church is the billion members, who determine their own actions. This does tend to "water down" many of the issues, does it not?

However, for most non RC s the church is much fewer, the organization starting with the pope and including a much smaller number who actually hold the power to make change (or not) within the organization.In many cases.

Joe O posts:
""But in a church with a billion members, hundreds of such cases are only a small percentage. In the county where I live, dozens of cases of child abuse are reported every year - but there is no record of a single case of child abuse by a priest in this county ever.""

My impression is you consistantly attempt to use this PR approach (which I have also seen in many RC-defence discussions). It reminds me of the type of double talk used by groups like the NRA, designed to confuse the actual issue, deflect issues, and brainwash the public. For the most part, it does not work and I suspect few here fall for it. So, why continue that approach?

Clear talk: Sexual abuse of youth by those working under the authority of the RC church "was and is" child abuse.