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Posted By: Steve Shaw
10-Mar-13 - 08:39 AM
Thread Name: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
Subject: RE: BS: Catholic religion response to 'today'
The Catholic Church policy against contraception has been in a stage of "benign neglect" for most of the time since Pope Paul VI prohibited "artificial birth control" in his Humanae Vitae encyclical in 1968. For the most part, the same goes for the policy against homosexual sex. In most parishes I know of, there are at least a few openly homosexual couples who are accepted and welcomed as members of the community - they don't go around broadcasting the details of their sex lives, but neither do heterosexual parishioners.

Well, Bonnie beat me to it. So, by "benign neglect" are you saying that every Catholic knows it is no longer a mortal sin to use contraception? Or are they all supposed to guess? All those people in Africa, where HIV/Aids is rampant because condoms are discouraged or not available? Have all those local bishops and priests been told about this benign neglect? Are you sure that most of them are not still preaching hellfire for birth control and safe sex? As for homosexuality and "benign neglect", my devoutly Catholic uncle led an absolutely miserable life because the Church's teachings against his homosexuality devoured him from inside. He died more than 20 years after the encyclical you refer to. Someone forgot to tell him that the Church's attitude had become "benign".

Yes, most of the allegations of wickedness in the Catholic Church are true, but the proportion of wickedness is about the same as it is anywhere else.

Then what is the point of it?

Yes, there were Catholic officials who assisted the Fascists during WWII..

So why are we talking about sainting one of the popes who connived in these actions? Why is there the continuing secrecy and cover-up of the Church's dirty financial dealings with Mussolini and the subsequent accumulation (effected equally shadily) of guilt wealth?

At least in the United States, there are now very strict procedures that attempt to eliminate the molestation of children in the Catholic Church.

So, after two thousand years of teaching that we should live by the principles laid down by Jesus, the organisation still needs this. Any idea what went wrong?