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Posted By: wysiwyg
27-Feb-13 - 02:39 PM
Thread Name: BS: MudWimminzes: Your Self-Care Routine?
Subject: RE: BS: MudWimminzes: Your Self-Care Routine?
Weekly, "La Toilette:"

It takes over an hour, in five segments.

1. Warm shower (seated in shower) with orange lotion or teatree gel (not hot because that would strip skin oils), wash hair (Pantene), and brush teeth (whitening stuff);
2. Comb hair to airdry as styled, wash/dry glasses, and then lounge around in my towel till dry;
3. Shave legs at bathroom sink with stool for leg support (cocoa butter lotion and a 4-blade shaver);
4. Apply cocoa butter/aveeno lotion all over by hand, washcloth, and scrubber on handle, and
5. Apply anti-perspirant (Mitchum unscented stick) and dress.

The above takes so long because I am still rehabbing from surgery. The least fun part is applying moisturizing lotion to areas that still have no sensation except distant, unpleasant tingling. But I do now have products and implements sorted out to do this reasonably efficiently.

I ditched the Vaniqa because there is no regular time each day I shower/wash face and retire. Often they are done too on-the-run to have the Vaniqa at hand. Maybe someday....

We bought a cocoa-butter massage product that liquefies on contact, for working on the scar tissue. It smells VERY strongly of chocolate. I hope no one objects to whiffs of THAT! :~) The scent does appear to be all-natural, not synthetic. Perhaps I will have to add chocolate kisses, now, to my ministry kit. :~|