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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
26-Feb-13 - 12:26 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
KB in Iowa: "It is already happening. Nothing GfS or Ake can do or say will have any impact on that."

KB is obviously correct...however, this emotional hot button topic does not have to pull everybody into it...especially when its premise, is based on bad science with political activism to promote it.
There are a lot of 'accepted' ideas running around, out there in 'policy-land' that are based on fraudulent reasoning...drones, NDAA, Citizens United, homeland security, the Patriot Act, the banks holding onto the 'bailout' money...most of them promoted by the 'so-called' liberal left..but not all.
The gutting of our Constitution's amendments has, and is being, in full swing...but then, the 'activists'(?), use it to promote 'equality' to whatever cause they want to push...not realizing that if you gut it, you have nothing to stand on.
As far as a lot of you, you are just toting the 'party line'...but the same party has, and is, destroying the premise of what you also claim you have as a tool. This is absolute EVERY sense of the word!


Akenaton: "Well I think Sanity makes some salient points, but as you are unable to answer, you resort to ignorant and childish name calling. This does your cause no good at all.
This is a serious topic and should be discussed as such; how homosexuality is perceived in our society is going to make a huge difference to not only the societal template, but to the future health and life expectancy of hundreds of thousands of young human males."

While this is an indisputable FACT, the banal behavior of the asinine, tactics, only add more proof that the promoters have NOTHING valid to say...except if they say it loud enough, and gather a FEW, who scream and bitch enough, they mistakenly think they are making a false premise a true fact!
In the real world, this is called DELUSION!...but isn't that the point, goal and objective of an ongoing rolling propaganda machine??
Meanwhile, as the basis of societal structure is being attacked, and worn down, the phony agenda of the puppet masters at the top, is being implemented every day we live.

OH, and by the way, the FAILURE to even answer any of the questions, or even address the topic in them IS and SHOULD be ALL the proof anyone needs, to arrive at the conclusion, that a FEW on here, are just blowhards full of shit!....otherwise they wouldn't want to risk being held accountable for their deluded opinions.
So what about bi-sexuality??.....see the choices in the other post..or come up with your own.
...unless your rap is just that....a rap!


P.S...Akenaton: "Well I think Sanity makes some salient points, but as you are unable to answer, you resort to ignorant and childish name calling."