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Posted By: Don Firth
22-Feb-13 - 01:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Yes, it's true that I know, as friends and acquaintances, a number of gay men, most of whom are in stable relationships with other men. At least three couples I know, who have been together for years, are taking advantage of Washington State's new same-sex marriage law.

Interestingly enough, most of them are attorneys. One is a State Legislator, and one is a music teacher and choir director in a nearby church. He plays the piano beautifully and could easily make a concert career for himself, but says that although he loves playing classical piano music, he doesn't want to "go on the road," which is what a concert career would require. And one of them is a talented published writer who is a member of the writers' group that meets for mutual critique in Barbara's and my apartment once a month.

Each and every one of these individual "gay" men is more of a man than Goofball will ever be.

Goofball says of me that "You didn't marry, are shacking up with another person you horns-waggled (sic), was the sperm donor for a child you didn't bother to be a father to, have a couple of homosexual buddies . . ." and blithers on and on in similar fashion.

I have been married—to the same woman—for thirty-six years. I am not and never have been "shacked up" with anyone. And as to the other circumstance he bloviates about, he would never understand the dynamics involved, and I will NOT try to explain it to him because he doesn't have the capacity to understand concepts like love and sacrificing oneself for the greater good, and all he does with anything I tell him about myself is turn it into an elaborate fiction for the purpose of denigrating me. All he wants to do is trash me.

I will no longer engage this creature in discussion. Trying to argue with him is is merely lowering myself by getting down to wrestle in filth with a swine.

Anything I have to say on the subject to same-sex marriage, I have already said, and those of knowledge and intelligence can judge for themselves. There is no point in endlessly repeating it, trying to drum it into the head of someone with a vested interest in avoiding the truth.

Let him stew in his own fetid juices.

Don Firth