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Posted By: Don Firth
21-Feb-13 - 06:53 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Goofball, if you ever got around to reading what people actually write (instead of dividing your already flawed attention by trying to figure out some snotty comeback while you're reading), you might have noticed that I singled out a couple of items on your list, then invited others to do their own survey so they could get an idea of where you seek support for your prejudices.

I am quite familiar with WND because, as I said, I get IT and a number of other Right Wing newsletters in my daily e-mail so I get more than just one viewpoint on the news.

I know that you get your basic opinions on this issue out of your fear of your own genes, and this powers your irrational hatred of homosexuals to the point where you can't see that they are human beings too and deserving of rights. Most normal heterosexuals don't really care one way or the other, as long as someone else's sexual choices don't impinge on them, and this Gay Marriage issue does NOT.

And as far as "teaching homosexuality in schools" is concerned, any good high school health class teaches all aspects of health education including a few weeks on sex education. With some kids, their parents are often so ignorant and so inhibited themselves that high school Health Ed is the ONLY sex education they get. And it should cover the matter of responsibility along with health issues. And that includes the fact that there is such a thing as same-sex orientation within a certain percentage of people.

This (contrary to the beliefs of some very ignorant people) does not "teach homosexuality" in the sense of urging them to become homosexual, which is what people like Goofball and Ake seem to be trying to imply.

Believe me, by the time kids get to school, they already know something about sex. What the sex part of health education classes teach is accurate knowledge and thoughtful responsibility.

At least that's what they should be teaching, assuming competent teachers and no interference from stiff-necked busybodies.


Liberals don't care about children? You ARE a feckles, lying jackass, Goofball!

When it comes to biased opinions and blind stupidity, Goofball, YOU take the Gold Medal And when it comes to dealing with proven facts, you wouldn't know a proven fact if it bit you on the ass.

But with those genes you're so afraid of, in spite of yourself, you might just enjoy being bitten on the ass.

"Harlequin" indeed! You're the only clown around here.

Don Firth