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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
21-Feb-13 - 02:42 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Akenaton: "No, our children will be taugh about "equality", "discrimination" and "homophobia"

The so-called liberals' don't give a rat's ass about the children, on this or virtually any other matter...they just use them to argue that their idiotic agendas are about 'protecting them'..blah blah blah...any EVERY time you hear, "..It's for the children.." from ANY of them, you KNOW the subject is horse shit. From Hillary, to Obama to any of them who are looking to bilk the public for more wasteful, corrupt spending, that using that 'tug on the heart strings' argument, will work the emotional side...when logic and truthfulness would never work!!
True Story!!


P.S. Just look at the deficit and the cost of the bills left to the next generation....if there is one! Think they gave a shit about that??..BOTH PARTIES!!!