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Posted By: catspaw49
06-Feb-13 - 07:22 PM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Healing thoughts & prayers please (Nigel Paterson)
Good job billy and of course Wendy too. Keep it up and so will we. The news across the boaard here isn't too terrible right now but we're all goin' to keep keep this boat moving forward.....making waves!

Okay......Got a request.......

I went in for my weekly Aronesp shot and after increasing the dosage last week, this week I have continued to improve. We were at Connie and Wayne's on Sunday and I did pretty least a good bit better than I had been and I had already gone past my record for being without a transfusion.   Today I feeel better that I have in months and was figuring thqat maybe I had picked up as we'd been hoping and would be on my way to avoiding the Vidaza.

My hemoglobin DROPPED a tenth.......I was dissappointed to say the least.   And yet, as we left I walked at a reasonble clip to the car with Karen.....she has been coming around and picking me up. AND all the way to the car I am talking and jumping around the ice patches. I haven't felt this good in months and yet the damn Hemoglobin went down. DAMMIT!   We stopped at our favorite Thai restaurant that we used to stop at every month but haven't been there in 3 or 4 even though we've been to Columbus weekly.....and we enjoyed the meal!!!! I'm telling you it was a damn good day and a way above the norm week.   Dropped a damn tenth...........

Okay....I may not be thinking the thing hard enough SO.................

This week when you think of this thread even though you may not be posting at the time....let's say it just crosses your mind.......Think "UP SPAW." That's it......just think "UP SPAW" whenever.............okay. You can do whatever other things we all do differently and personally in our prayers or Mojo or best thoughts or whatever ta' hell VooDoo You Do or I Do.........But also think "UP SPAW."

Now I'm prepared for the possibility this may not not work but let's give the Aronesp an assist the next 7 days. Hey......who knows? Can't hurt. in "UP SPAW"