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Posted By: Howard Jones
03-Feb-13 - 08:01 AM
Thread Name: How do we remember the words?
Subject: RE: How do we remember the words?
If I'm learning a song from a CD I find transcribing the words helps. I've probably already listened to it a lot in the car, but I won't consciously try to learn it, although quite a bit usually sticks.

I start by writing down the first few words of each line as the song plays. I then go back and try to fill in the gaps from memory. Then another play-through to fill in more gaps and correct any errors. Repeat until it's right. By this time I'll listened in a focussed manner several times and concentrated on the words, all of which helps to fix them in my mind.

If I'm going to accompany it I'll then work on the arrangement, but I'll also just sing it a lot, again often in the car. A lot of repetition is required, and there's a danger that by the time the song is ready to perform you're already sick of it.

Finally, I'm not too bothered about getting a few words "wrong", in the sense of being different from my source. Provided they're not crucial to the story, or have a particular lyrical quality which is important to the feel of the song, a few "ands" and "buts" in the wrong place are not important, in my opinion.