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Posted By: Uncle Tone
31-Jan-13 - 10:43 PM
Thread Name: How do we remember the words?
Subject: RE: How do we remember the words?
"It also doesn't help if you try and know too many songs......."

That is an excellent point. In my folder (which never gets to a folk club) I have about 200 songs. I know this is not a huge repertoire in the scheme of things, but I have sung all of them, some many times, others just now and again.

What I tend to do is pick about 20. Concentrate on those. When I start to get tired of some of them, I'll then feed in five or six others. That way I don't get bored, and neither do the audience.

Any singer worth his salt should be able to remember about 20 songs, that s/he has chosen because s/he likes them, I would have thought. And as has been pointed out, practising them until they are second nature, getting the instruments in tune before you go on, and I might add, not waffling, help the performance. If you have something to say, then rehearse that too unless you are a natural raconteur with stand-up potential.

In one singaround club I attend I didn't repeat a song for two years. But then they started asking me to repeat certain songs, so now I work out what I'm going to do on the basis of giving them new stuff, and also repeating some of the old stuff that they are familiar enough with to join in the chorusses.

What I don't do is read the same few songs out of a book every club meeting. I respect the audience too much (mostly performers themselves) to do that. And I think that respecting the audience is the MAIN reason for not reading out of a book.

(Sorry. I think I've cross-threaded.)