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Posted By: Shimbo Darktree
27-Jan-13 - 01:34 AM
Thread Name: Australian gun control
Subject: RE: Australian gun control
OK ... I've had a look at youtube now. There are several personal opinions given in the video, all on the same side of the question, of course. There are a number of alleged statistics given, all without reference to their source - and I doubt some of them. I personally have not met anyone who feels they suffered terribly from the gun buy-back. I also understood, perhaps wrongly, that you could obtain a licence to keep a gun collection if you met certain criteria.

I don't feel it is less safe living in Australia because of reduced gun ownership. I learned to shoot as a child, both privately and in a school cadet unit. I owned rifles when I was younger, although I haven't for many years. I make these points to indicate that I have handled firearms, and could still do so (if they are old enough!). But even with a houseful of guns, I doubt whether it would help me in the case of an unexpected home invasion. Bit like being a black belt at martial arts - not all that helpful if you are attacked without warning. Am I a pacifist? Yes and no - I have no sympathy with any harm, including death, incurred by someone who invades one's home with an obvious illegal intent. You are entitled to feel safe somewhere.

And that is my speech for the month.