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Posted By: Shimbo Darktree
27-Jan-13 - 12:12 AM
Thread Name: Australian gun control
Subject: RE: Australian gun control
Here in Australia, we have no time to worry about gun control, and no need to, for the following reasons:

1. We are very busy trying to find an intelligent person and a politician in the same body, preferably with only one face.

2. The method of dealing with gun ownership in Australia in some states has been a huge success ... and it is simple. The government buys back your firearms for at least double what you paid for them (OK ... this is an exaggeration, but it does happen on occasions). Then you go out and buy another, and pocket the difference.

3. Only shotguns are really effective in Australia, because we can catch bullets in our teeth.

I have read some of what the NRA say - I get regular updates from a lapsed Catter whether I want them or not. (I hope she's lapsed, or I am now in deep trouble!) They seem no different from any strong fanatic organisation in any country. We have people with blinkered vision in Australia, too - they meet in a building called Parliament House, and are so prolific, there is such a place in every capital city.