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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
25-Jan-13 - 10:47 PM
Thread Name: Australian gun control
Subject: RE: Australian gun control
I'm having a lot of trouble finding Australian sources, most are from US. I've looked on Govt sites (ABS -Recorded Crime - Victims - 2011 (latest edition)) & NSW (state) Recorded Crime Stats, Sept 12 (latest edition) but can't find enough info. I'll check with friends who subscribe to news sites to see if I can find a good article

NSW gun crime halves, but drive-bys soar (Nov 12) A report has found the level of gun crime has halved in New South Wales since 1995, but there has been a big increase in drive-by shootings.

The Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research has found the overall drop in gun crime has been driven by a dramatic fall in the number of armed robberies.

That has been put down to the heroin drought, improvements in security and the use of bank cards.

But the bureau's director Dr Don Weatherburn says the number of drive-by shootings has more than doubled.

"It is a headache and I think it's a matter of concern to some extent because it swamps the good news as far as gun crime's concerned," he said.

"I doubt whether many people are aware that the total number of gun crimes has declined by half since 1995.

"People have short memories and forget what a scourge armed robbery was. It's not now anything like what it was."

The number of shooting murders has also fallen from 29 in 1995 to 11 last year.

Search on 'gun' on Aust Broadcasting Commission website


Police worry over gun crime - Sydney Interview on Sydney-based current affairs prtogram
TONY EASTLEY: Sydney has a growing reputation for gun crime that is worrying police as well as the public.

A spike in shootings has highlighted the problem of illegal weapons and more importantly the attitude that some people have to using them, often to settle petty disputes over money and property.

Three men have been shot since the weekend and eight have died in shootings in the last five months.

The acting police commissioner in New South Wales, Nick Kaldas, is speaking here to AM's Simon Santow.

SIMON SANTOW: Nick Kaldas, the long-term trend is for gun crime to be going down but it seems that in recent times it hasn't been the case.

NICK KALDAS: You certainly get spikes on a short-term basis but the bottom line is it is definitely trending downwards in the longer term.

But we also accept that that is not something of great comfort to the community. One shooting incident is too many. One shooting up of a house is too many. And we're not taking our eye off the ball. We're obviously watching as closely as we can and working very hard at catching those responsible and dealing with it. (read on)


I tried a google search on 'gun control australia' & found this site which (strangely enough) has been hacked
Organization dedicated to gun control in Australia. Articles, press releases, and a list of published books with summaries.

so I looked them up on Wikepedia (only as accurate as the person posting, so I don't normally use it) - wikipedia on Gun Control Australia (organisation)


lecture on Uses & Abuses of Crime Statistics Don Weatherburn Director of state Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research - 31 mins