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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
23-Jan-13 - 02:21 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Well said...even if it's all bullshit...."our gay brothers and sisters" and their human right to feel love for anybody they want,..."

nobody is saying anything about who or what they have a 'right' to 'feel love' for. This isn't about 'love''s about sex. Same SEX 'marriages'.
(Obama has a way of twisting a phrase and the meaning..always has).
This is about equality of two same sex people...having the same circuitry of pair-bonding as two of the 'opposite' sex, and children and families, and how this would be a DIFFERENT institution, as to the properties, than two same-sex bed buddies, who want to CALL themselves 'married', pretending to think that merely imitating emotions and affections, is the same pair-bonding that goes on when two people bring children into the world. Now I know that there are marriages between two heteros that bringing children into the world is not part of their program.....and these are nine times out of nine, second, third fourth and so on 'marriages'..of people trying to compensate for their first one fucking up....(just think of most of your friends and acquaintances)....but originally, it was not so.
Impregnating your mate, and all the things she goes through in her pregnancy is a LOT different than, "Gosh Bruce, let's go out and amuse ourselves by getting a kid...then we can really look like a family".
You want to talk about 'rights'? about the rights of the children, and all the crap they'd have to put up with..knowing that instead of a mom and a dad, they got Auckie Dildoc and Lesbia O'Toole....Oh, WE can ignore much we can even convince ourselves that the kids don't mind, or think it bothers them, when their friends look at them weird.....Oh, I guess if WE can shrug it off, then it must be OK..(selfish people think that way)..Or if they long for a mother's nurturing, and what they get is Bubba making the best at not being TOO inconvenienced by them.
....and that goes for heteros as well.
Do you actually think that nurturing mothers and fathers have the same relationship with their children as homosexuals do with 'theirs'? Do you think that the space between her newborn and the mother holding the baby is the same, Bruce and Darryl, deciding it's time for Egbert to go to bed now?
Do you think the weeks and months that a woman is pregnant, feeling the child grow within her..the anticipation, discomforts, hopes contribute maybe just a teensy-weensy bit of a DIFFERENT dynamic and bonding, than 'Auckie' and 'Lesbia' fulfilling their 'image' to accommodate 'respectability' for their sexual preferences and behaviors???..You think that is the SAME????
Nope!....different dynamics....different bonding....different instincts....different 'motives'.
It's just plain different!