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Posted By: Bat Goddess
20-Jan-13 - 09:01 AM
Thread Name: BS: How do you sneeze?
Subject: RE: BS: How do you sneeze?
I scare the cats -- and Tom says he'd run, too, if he could.

I seldom sneeze in public (unless you count the cats). Usually my sneezing fit (three or three minutes...) occurs at home, while sitting quietly in bed, reading and minding my own business. Starts as a tickle or twitch and then, whammo! Explosive and totally impolite aatchoos to expel the irritant.

Dust, cat hair, micrometeoritic dust...who knows what triggers it. We've got plenty of "all of the above" and as a housekeeper, I'm a total disappointment to a long line of nasty neat Midwestern Germanic women.

And since every hour the earth gains a ton of weight thanks to micrometeoritic dust, and I'm convinced my house is the epicenter, how the hell can I be expected to keep up?!?