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Posted By: DMcG
13-Jan-13 - 05:05 AM
Thread Name: BS: A word that means more than stupid
Subject: RE: BS: A word that means more than stupid
My smartphone had a pretty good SatNav that I pay a little for a month. On new years eve I was taking my daughter somewhere and discovered that they had disabled it entirely and I had to upgrade to a new improved version - discovered 10mins before I left, naturally. I also discovered the link they provided didn't work on my Brand of smartphone.

All of that is everyday irritation, not full grown stupidity.

No, the stupidity comes from the new enhanced features, which first of all removed some of the useful SatNav features, but added in for example a Twitter feed. Hello? You think it a good idea to post live TwitterNoise in front of people while they are driving? Even though I can turn it off, I don't really want the people who are too stupid to disable it in cars coming towards me, thank you.