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Posted By: GUEST,Guest from Sanity
09-Jan-13 - 09:58 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Don Frothmeister: "Well, perhaps it has THIS to do with the subject:    I theorize that it is quite possible that your homophobia is brought on by fear. You said, in the Prop 8 thread (and if you deny it, I will link to the post so that everyone here can read it for themselves) that your father, after siring several children including you, "decided" he wanted to be gay, and deserted the family to grow up on their own when he ran off with another man."

....and don't forget to link them to the posts that I said that I did NOT author the post you are talking about.
My father was not a homosexual, never was, and didn't run off to be one. My father died in 1975 at the age of sixty. My mother never re-married.
You can post all you want. I did not write or submit that post....and SEVERAL people back then were using my name to post nonsense..and got called on it. I believe the post in question, as Joe said, was submitted from my computer, and IF that was true, I did not write it, nor submit it.(Possibly one of the musicians who come here who wanted to play, and thought I was spending too much time debating idiots!).

Don T.: "You can promote all you bloody like, providing you are willing pick up the pieces when those kids come back and tell you what particular hell on earth you condemned them to."

When my son was in his junior and senior year in high school, we took in a student whose father was diagnosed with MS, damaged from agent orange. We visited the dad, with/without the son, till his death. Ben, the son, was in his mid senior year when his dad died.

My daughter, as well has taken two kids (brother and sister) whose mother was an unfit, abusive alcoholic, and she gained custody of them legally. The daughter, a BEAUTIFUL 13-14 year old is expected to be totally blind by the time she is 18-19.
..and on this one you and I are agreed..though it is somewhat of a thread drift..but not that much.

..and I still think that parents who abandon the responsibility to love their children,, and in doing so, raise them lovingly, miss out on the greatest privilege that ever came their way!...they cannot be taken seriously, for just about anything!

Take it easy,