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Posted By: Ed T
06-Jan-13 - 05:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: I Love Clams
Subject: RE: BS: I Love Clams
Yes, gnu, that is the microtoxin that I indicated earlier, and it was quite a few years ago, and not PSP and involved oysters. Sales of all marine mulluscs was halted (it was Christmas time) until they found the cause.

It involved a previously unknown microtoxin, that was never before found in Atlantic Canadian waters - no one knew it was present before thisn time. It could just as easily have been in the wild mussels, or clams anyone ate.

Since that time, the testing program for cultured mussels and oysters includes testing for many micro toxins (not just PSP) and has been much improved. I have much more confidence in those tests, that are not as rigid on local wild marine molluscs -some areas have no or few tests.

I have much more confidence in testing on cultured mussels and oysters than I have for commercial beef or chicken testing.