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Posted By: Ed T
06-Jan-13 - 04:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: I Love Clams
Subject: RE: BS: I Love Clams
""Well, people die from "tested" foods every day so, no thanks"".

I don't recall any recent deaths or illness from local cultured mussels, as good testing techniques were initiated quite some time ago. Earlier illness, way back, was from an invasive microbe they did not know lived in the area. The testing is very good, as some marine toxins kill you fast or damage you badly.

PSP illness is normally from wild harvested marine molluscs, and can clearly and rapidly kill you. You may think your local area is safe, but the psp range is expanding each year, and there is no possible way you to know unless the waters are tested in a lab. Those are the facts, choose to heed them or not.

As for fecal coliform, if you are away from houses and cottages, and farm run off, the molluscs are likely safe.But, contaminated ones normaly only give you a pain in the gut and the shits.