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Posted By: wysiwyg
02-Jan-13 - 12:15 PM
Thread Name: BS: MudWimminzes: Your Self-Care Routine?
Subject: RE: BS: MudWimminzes: Your Self-Care Routine?
In the nursing home I came to appreciate a daily, very long, seated shower. I had never been a daily-shower girl, and that was fine till I got sick and NEEDED a daily shower for infection control. Now I can hardly wait till PT allows me to do these upstairs-- we have a tiny stand-up shower downstairs but I am learning to do some operations seated on the loo before or after I step into the shower.

My skin broke down in several places after 3 months under tape; therefore I also now appreciate daily applications of GOOD moisturizing lotion there-- and on any skin overdried by winter heat or too-hot showers. The OT peeps gave me a nifty sponge on a handle that is only used for lotion, to get my back.

Since the surgery I can reach my own toenails, and I keep them at the length I like for using one foot to scratch the other one. One nail on each foot in particular (same to each foot) grows in an oddly helpful way now that I am on thyroid medicine. That toe COULD play guitar.... :~)

I have a nailfile in every purse like my mom did-- in fact they are her files. Thyroid meds gave me great nails. When I rip one, though, they all get a clip down to the fingertip, and I start over. They grow quite quickly so I file them just a tad every day to keep them from catching on things. No polish-- wouldn't last a minute! I did have a salon quick-manicure once and will keep them up with the haircuts-- I had it all chopped short for surgery so I will have to have it trimmed now more than once a year. And we wax!

It is shocking how long it takes to do the daily stuff, properly-- after a lifetime not doing it... and with the slowness from current surgical complications.... but I have a feeling I will keep most of it up even when we go camping from now on.