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Posted By: Sandra in Sydney
01-Jan-13 - 08:51 PM
Thread Name: BS: MudWimminzes: Your Self-Care Routine?
Subject: RE: BS: MudWimminzes: Your Self-Care Routine?
daily showers (can't do without in Sydney)

Simple soap = perfume-free soap,

After my morning shower I use watered down Sorbolene moisturiser on my face & body (cheap basic moisturiser equal to the best in blind tests)

occasional light make up - 2nd palest foundation to suit my skin, brownish blusher, translucent powder, sheer red or sheer other lippie, no eye makeup. Early last year I stopped using makeup all the time (that was a big decision as my skin is pale & sallow & folks have been known to ask was I ok?) This year I intend to wear makeup on social occasions as I've seen several ghastly washed out photos!

I can sit on my hair (white, grey & residual darkish brown) & I wash it twice a week. I confine it in a pony tail with 4 elastics night & day, & in Sydney's hot humid weather I twist it up & keep it off my neck with a big clip.

I use light perfume many days. I've been using Guerlain's Shalimar since 1976 but found a few years back that either they changed the formula (unlikely with a classic that has been around since circa WW1) or my skin changed. Now I use 2 perfume oils, a vanilla & a musk, either together or separately, but they are light & fade very quickly so I hope I don't offend folks with perfume allergies. I've had friends with severe allergies to many things including perfumes.

I like a bit of length to my nails (2 or 3 mm above the tip of my finger makes life easier to file papers & pick up stuff!) but always keep the middle nail on my right hand at the tip as I do a lot of sewing & can't fit a thimble on a longer nail.