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Posted By: Uncle_DaveO
01-Jan-13 - 10:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: First Joke Thread of 2013
Subject: RE: BS: First Joke Thread of 2013
"Fireman Bob"

Fireman Bob rushed into a burning building
and rescued a beautiful young lady who was
clad only in the top half of her baby-doll
nightgown. He carried her in his arms down
three flights of stairs and saved her from
her sure demise.

As they arrived safely, a wash of gratitude
rushed over her. She looked at him with
great fondness and admiration, then said,
"Oh, you are wonderful! It must have taken
great strength and courage to rescue me
the way you did."

"Yes it did," the fireman admitted. "I had
to fight off three other firemen who were
trying to get to you first!"


"The Rescue"

A ladder was placed against the bedroom
window of a burning house, and a young
fireman rushed up. Inside was a curvy
brunette in a see-through nightie.

"Aha," said he, "You're the second pregnant
girl I've rescued this year!"

"But I'm not pregnant," indignantly exclaimed
the brunette.

"You're not rescued yet either."