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Posted By: Keith A of Hertford
31-Dec-12 - 04:36 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
"Where do you stand on Muslim marriage? Been going only half the time that Christian ones have so fail at your ancient clause."
Marriage is older than both religions.
I do not think we should allow child marriage or polygamy here without considerable debate and consultation.
" How about black people? What rights should they have? Slaves used to jump over a broom stick because tradition said they couldn't be legally married. That was the preserve of white Christians."
That was how poor people were married too.
I do not believe in discrimination.

"Do you support civil partnerships because it is a system of apartheid?"
No opinion really.
There was widespread support, and some objections by excluded groups.

" Do you like being able to legally point and say they are different? "

"In fact do you like being compared to Akenaton? Or don't you think your bigotry is as bad as his so somehow more acceptable?"
Neither of us is in the slightest way bigoted.

"If you as usual ignore the above, how about whether a view is valid regardless? There are those who if pressed would say they would like to abuse children without it being illegal."
I do not think that child marriage should be brought back.
Some would say that is discriminatory.
Do you?