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Posted By: John P
30-Dec-12 - 11:12 AM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Why are you all against letting other people have they say.
That is intolerant and bigoted.

How about responding to what I actually say John?

I have. I'll try again: We are saying, "You don't get to discriminate against us." You are saying, "It is discriminatory to tell us we can't discriminate against you."

We are saying that you must leave us alone, not intrude on our lives, not tell us what rights we may and may not have. You are saying that you should be able to tell us what rights we may and may not have, and that by telling you to back off we are trying to silence you and are, in fact, discriminating against you. If you don't understand that this is faulty logic I don't have much hope of having a rational discussion with you.

And yes, you are obsessing about what people do in bed, to the point where you are willing to lay claim to the word 'marriage' and the concept behind it and deny its use to other people because of what they do in bed. No one is trying to change the definition of the word. We are saying that if it is a legal right that is available to some, it is a legal right that ought to be available to all. We are saying that there should be no difference between gay people and straight people in the eyes of the law, and that no one should get to vote on that. The courts should simply toss out all discriminatory laws and be done with it. I'm not obsessing about it. I'm saying you should have the decency to keep your nose out of other peoples' bedrooms. I'm also saying that since you don't respect the sexual privacy of other people, you have lost the right to expect sexual privacy for yourself.

Do you not understand how dangerous it is to our society to say that the public or their Congressional/Parliamentary representatives should have the right to vote on other peoples' civil rights?

You say that you don't have any problem with gay marriage, yet every post you make has something somewhere in it that says that we are trying to change the 'ancient definition of marriage' or that we are trying to trample the rights of people who don't think gay people should be able to get married. I'm saying that, since there is widespread disagreement about the definition of marriage, we should go with the definition that doesn't discriminate against a group of people. The whole concept of the 'ancient definition of marriage' is a straw man. It was made up fairly recently by people who are opposed to gay marriage. The reason many of us are badgering you about this is because you are supporting it. It is a discriminatory position for you to hold.

Keith, so far you have called me Stalinist, intolerant, and bigoted. All because I deny that you should have the right to have anything to say about whether or not a group of people gets to enjoy the same civil rights as you do, and because I deny you the right to lay claim to the institution of marriage and to define it to suit your whim. Please back up a bit.