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Posted By: CamiSu
24-Nov-00 - 12:51 AM
Thread Name: Elections: How do you do it at home?
Subject: RE: How do you do it at home?
Funny, but here in Vermont it is much as Bardford described it. We go in and state our name, (it is a small enough town that we generally don't have to have ID, because we all know each other), we get get our ballots, go in the booth, mark x's with our pencils, fold up our ballots, and put them in the box as we check out. If we spoil our ballots we tear it up and ask for another. I even asked if my kids' ballots had come in by mail and the town clerk told me they had and were in the town vault. After the polls close, the clerk, the election board and the justices of the peace count, and recheck. Then they call in the results to the state. If you call the next day you can get the exact numbers and the overall results. Hence I know the republican challenger for our state representative, who had run a rather dirty campaign, won in our town by 18 votes, but lost overall. It works around here. Florida is too big and those chad things can be a real pain...