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Posted By: Steve Shaw
29-Dec-12 - 09:19 PM
Thread Name: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
Subject: RE: BS: 'Gay marriage' question
As I have said already monogamy seems to be anathema to sexually active male homosexuals, and this legislation opens the door into mainstream society to other minority groups who's lifestyles would completely destroy the social template which has served us well for centuries.

Monogamy seems quite attractive, actually, to those who want to enjoy gay marriage. You should be supporting it. As for that template you mention that you hoped I wouldn't notice, well that's just your preferred template out of hundreds the world over. Very imperialistic of you to promote yours above all the others.

I am utterly bewildered that so many here have such dismissive contempt for the deeply felt convictions of so many fellow citizens.

62% in favour of gay marriage, just 31% agin. I am utterly bewildered that several homophobes here have such dismissive contempt for the deeply felt convictions of so many fellow citizens.

To anyone that says you are not accusing much of the population of homophobic hate just because they have reservations about changing the ancient definition of marriage.

That would be the one ancient definition of marriage out of many that you personally happen to prefer. There are hundreds of definitions of marriage on this planet. You prefer our one because of the random event of your having been born here, no more, no less.

Homosexual relationships in the majority of cases contain large numbers of sexual partners, studies say hundreds, sometimes thousands.

"Studies say..." is weasel words. Go and look that up and don't bloody well do it again. In fact, your whole sentence is a complete lie which is intended to demonise homosexuals (you'll be telling me next that you're not a homophobe). Let's have your "studies", please.

And one more thing. Yes, repeated inbreeding of close family members results in a higher level of genetic abnormalities. But occasional reproduction by first cousins carries approximately the same increased risk of genetic abnormality as the risk taken by women over 40 having babies. Comment is free but facts is sacred.