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28-Dec-12 - 08:47 PM
Thread Name: Jane's Rainbow: for all needing support & comfort
Subject: RE: Healing thoughts & prayers please (Nigel Paterson)
I once held a priceless vase once--OK, priceless to me ($250,000-ish), no kidding. Was in New York and I was 17. It was some sort of Chinese dynasty thing. I tried to compare it to an Ode On a Grecian Urn and got lost. When we hold the lives of others we will feel our own degree of trust and confidence. When they hold our lives we become their children.

That stuff I wrote in my last email to you is true. This world has angels. Wouldn't be a world without them.

Please say hello to Jane for me. She has one seriously wonderful heart. And so too do you and Ann.

I think this may be the most important thread ever on the Mudcat site--no offense if you feel differently. The first time Pete wrote (that I saw) I laughed at his honest presentation of how he felt about God, the heavens and the universe. Later--about ten minutes--I felt the greatest sense of shame. Regardless my 'thoughts' of his thoughts, what the heck kind of person did I see myself as that I could have the arrogance to judge another person in that manner. Pete and I since have become friends.

Nigel, the honest baring of your soul has enabled so many of us to do the same. I meant what I said in my last email. It's as true as I can say things.